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Stowlin becomes member of the Surface Engineering Association

Stowlin, a 2M Group Company, are delighted to announce that it has become a member of the Surface Engineering Association.

With over 75 years’ experience supplying high quality innovative processes, solutions and basic chemicals to a wide variety of industry sectors. We are totally committed to the responsible and ethical management of our products and services which makes us the supplier of choice for companies of all sizes.

As with many areas of business the metal finishing industry that is seeing some real challenges at the moment, and the reason why Stowlin has decided to become a member at this point in time. So many of its valued customers are members of the SEA and operate in the metal finishing industry and are facing decisions, and/ or challenges that can affect their businesses for many years to come following the pandemic, and also from legislation carried over from the European Union.

Stowlin believe that industry will benefit with a collaborative approach to these challenges, which will secure the future for all of us. Whilst the SEA are working extremely diligently for its members, the partnership between one of the country’s leading chemical suppliers and the SEA can only help with this opportunity to guide parliament in future legislation and environmental issues. As you can imagine this is a very detailed process, and Stowlin are keen to offer as much support as it can whilst remaining active members of the Surface Engineering Association.

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