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High Performance Degreaser DSI 1000

Metal Treatment & Aerospace

Product Functions

  • Degreasing

Product Uses

Mykal’s De.Solv.It DSI 1000 High Performance Degreaser is a safe solvent degreaser for plant, equipment and component cleaning, formulated as an alternative to Trike, White Spirits and Paraffin. Compatible with most metals, plastics, rubbers and polymers, DSI 1000 will remove heavy contamination such as oils, greases, bitumen, wet paints, adhesives and sealants. It is a DEFRA approved Surface Cleaner Oil Dispersant for oil spill clean up operations. Suitable for the cleaning and tackifying of rubbers, it also has a high di-electric strength so can be used safely on electrical circuits. It is also compatible with all metals and most plastics. DSI 1000 contains no ozone depleting chlorinated solvents and its low vapour pressure means less product is lost to atmosphere than other traditional solvents. DSI 1000 is designed for use neat in manual cold cleaning processes such as parts washing and dip cleaning, hand swabbing and degreasing, surface preparation and electrical cleaning. Case study: De.Solv.It DSI 1000 High Performance Degreaser has been specified by a leading Lift and Escalator manufacturer as the product for use in their essential maintenance and service procedure. The company not only install lifts and escalators in stations, airports and hotels but also has a team of engineers to carry out regular servicing. These engineers traditionally used white spirit to degrease the lift guide rails during routine maintenance in very confined areas. However, they had several instances of engineers suffering ill effects from the white spirit vapours, such as dizziness and nausea. Trials were carried out with DSI 1000 and these proved very successful in degreasing the guide rails whilst eliminating the unhealthy side effects. The company now regularly purchases the Mykal High Performance Degreaser to be carried in their service vans.


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