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Metal Finishing Solutions _____________

Advance your pre treatment system to the next level with new technology chemicals. At Stowlin Limited we provide a whole range of chemicals solutions, to the metal finishing industry. These include powder coating, anodising, e-coat and autophoretic coating industries and are a key supplier to many established clients. Our chemicals clean, degrease and prepare products within automotive, aerospace, architectural and general industrial applications. We care about the environment too, so to assist in your sustainability and H&S targets we can provide auto dosing, and auto monitoring equipment with data acquisition reducing overuse and removing the regular handling of chemicals.

Our Offering

• Alkali’s
• Acids
• Pickling
• Multi metal cleaners
• Phosphates
• Chromate and chrome free

Chemicals for cleaning include;

• Precision cleaning
• Spray
• Immersion
• Ultrasonic
• Solvent and vapour degreasing
• Brush or wipe on

Chemicals for effluent treatment include;

• Flocculants & Coagulants
• Caustic liquor, pearl and flake
• Lime
• Hydrochloric acid
• Ferric Chloride and sulphates
• Sulphuric acid

Contact us

For more information on the above, or if you have any another requirements that are not be listed, please contact us at info@stowlin.com

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