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2M AdBlue Production ____________________________

Stowlin Limited is pleased to announce that we now have a dedicated production plant for the 2M Group AdBlue product CleanAirBlueTM.
This was a major project that included much reorganisation of the site, to allow for storage of the raw materials and finished product together with the blending equipment.

A new demineraliser was installed to produce the extra pure water required for this product. An added benefit to our business is that this now allows us to supply very pure demineralised water to the marketplace.

Having this facility on our site in Leicester augments the 2M production site at Middlesbrough, and allows the business to supply CleanAirBlueTM to our customers all over the UK in an efficient and timely manner.

CleanAirBlueTM is available in 2, 10, 20 and 210 litre drums and 1000 litre IBCs. Much of the product produced on site is also delivered by tanker. The 2 litre bottle is supplied with an auto shut off nozzle and the 10 and20 litre drums come with an integral pouring spout included.

All pack sizes are delivered on our own vehicles which allows us to run a collection service for empty containers; tanker quantities can be delivered as full loads or smaller quantities from a multi-pot tanker vehicle.

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