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Dosing for Effluent ____________________

Do you have an effluent plant to control your discharge to the mains water supply? Are you always worried that it will drift out of specification? Do you spend time manually topping up chemicals, with associated risks to operator H&S, and wasted chemicals?

At a time when the environment, sustainability and operator safety has never been as important, the removal of chemical handling, and excessive chemical use, can only be seen as a benefit. The automatic dosing units remove these unnecessary risks, not to forget the hidden costs by constantly monitoring the PH of the solution. Stowlin, a 2M Group Company, can offer effluent process control at various levels of sophistication. BONDERITE E-AP VMS is a dosing system which can be set up to dose either acid or alkali into a neutralisation pit. This is a simple, reliable, inexpensive, long term solution.


BONDERITE E-CO LDS PH is a more sophisticated system with pumps for acid and alkali neutralisation. The system comes with the ERMES cloud based datalogging as standard and can be ordered with either WIFI or LAN connectivity. The ERMES system allows for access of process data not only in real-time, but stored as historical data.

This is not only imperative for the user to evidence environmental compliance, but also to investigate trends for use in continuous improvement projects, and of course in general process refinement. The beauty of the system is that information can be accessed via phone, tablet, laptop or PC, so you can stay connected and informed wherever you are, and whenever you want. The system continually monitors the chemistry via in line probes, and the information recorded and outputted to the systems ERMES software. The software plots this output as an SPC style graph, and it can be set up to send an e-mail to a chosen contact if the process drifts out of specification.

Bespoke systems can be tailored to suit more complicated set-ups, and to the customers exact needs, using either of four channel controller BONDERITE E-CO ST4 or our six channel controller, the BONDERITE E-CO FLEX. For installations of this nature a site survey is required. The SPC style charts are shown below, and it is evident that the peaks and troughs that are associated with manual chemical additions are smoothed out to provide a consistent, in specification process when the system is automatically dosed, and automatically monitored.

In summary, these cost effective dosing units offer the customer confidence that their process is within specification due to the fact that tanks are constantly monitored and adjusted. They offer remote interaction, and access stored with real data via the internet address. They can notify you via e mail if there is any drift in the process.

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If you would like to know whether these safety, environmental and financial savings and benefits can be applied to your process, or if you would like information on any other BONDERITE product please do not hesitate to contact the Stowlin sales team.

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