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Stowlin / 2M Group Brexit response

December 2018

As Brexit approaches and in this time of uncertainty, Stowlin, as part of 2M Group of Companies, looks to ensure that all of our suppliers and customers are aware of our Brexit Plans.

With negotiations between the UK government and EU ongoing, the exact terms for Britain’s exit from the European Union remain unclear. Therefore, no company is able to predict the exact impact on its supply of products.

Yet, in our effort to lead by example, over the past year and a half, we have identified our Brexit key risk factors and quantified the impact of each. Thereafter, we established contingency plans to mitigate each risk factor and currently use dashboards to monitor our on-going risk mitigation progress.

In the event of a Hard Brexit, we are well equipped to maintain the supply of our portfolio due to:

  1. Our significant and ever increasing experience with global import and exports
  2. The financial resource and warehousing capacity to increase stockholding if required, which further enables our ability to maintain supply
  3. Our global footprint is growing with local European presence in Belgium, Germany, Norway and Poland
    • These locations can be employed to mitigate the impact of changes to regulations, supply chain and currency

In the event of the EU Draft Withdrawal Agreement being accepted, the UK will effectively grandfather the BPR legislation into UK law and will ‘semi-grandfather’ all UK REACh registrations into a UK equivalent of REACh. Consequently the regulatory environment for chemicals will be similar to existing norms, albeit with some changes to the regulatory bodies enforcing these.

In either case , as the sources for all our products sold, both in the EU and in the UK, are REACH registered, our ability to supply will not change. At a 2M Group level we have already acted to ensure our own REACH registrations are held both in UK and EU 27 based entities, via our Benelux and German entities.

While tariffs and exchange rates are expected to be impacted, we will do our utmost to cushion any impact. We do not believe that Brexit presents a risk to the supply chain of imported and export chemicals.

We welcome supporting any supplier and/or customer in mitigating their own Brexit risk by working with us on longer-term purchasing forecast on a binding basis. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss your requirements in further detail.

We are also holding various engagements to share Brexit best practices, tools, provide industry and regulatory updates and to proactively support our suppliers and customers through this period.

For further information visit the 2M Holdings website.


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