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Are you in the anodising business and looking for a one stop shop, or a chemical supply partner with innovative products. Look no further than Stowlin. We have the complete range of products required for aluminium anodising. With competitive rates and flexible delivery times we want to be your supply partner of choice. With many years of experience, we have a demonstrated record of supplying the right products, to the right place, at the right time.

We offer a range of specially selected branded products that are high in detergents and designed for the removal of fats, oils, polishing and cleaning pastes from aluminium processing. Our degreasers are either liquid or powder and are silicate and borate free. The liquid products can be automatically dosed and provide a tank that is consistently within parameters.

With reduced consumption via automatic feeding, our etching products are available depending on the specific uses of your process but will produce an even finish by controlling the aluminium content in the solution. Designed for high etching and to achieve E6, it will provide excellent bath stability combined with non foaming characteristics.

Neutralising and desmutting products have been specifically formulated as alternatives to Nitric acid, and are available with aerospace approvals. Sustainability has to be a main business focus in today’s environment and chrome free, sustainable options can be specified

Stowlin’s anodic additive for sulphuric acid helps save energy as it operates in a temperature range of 18-24°C. As a result, there is less aluminium dissolution in the tank, creating less sludge and extending bath life. It creates a homogenous anodic oxide layer that has a high pore density per surface area, which improves the electro-colouring process.

There are liquid colouring options that allow a colour range from champagne through to black. These are suitable for automatic dosing and have a high throwing power and high stability. Available in copper and tin technology, please contact your local representative for further details.

Whether you use a hot or cold seal to finalise your process, our dedicated products offer breakthrough solutions addressing demands for increased performance in hot sealing and minimised toxicity in cold sealing. Our hot sealing additives are designed to reduce processing times and your carbon footprint. The cold sealing additives are completely nickel free and Qualanod approved.

Stowlin can supply all of your needs, and if your process is based on chromic acid or tartaric acid, we have the products for you!

Alkali Cleaner
C-AK 62111
Aluminium Etch
M-AD 2000 A
M-ED 11011
(Hot sealing)
Acid Etch
Sulphuric &
Tartaric Acid
M-ED 11510
(Cold sealing)
Caustic Soda

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