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Vaposol AMC

The realistic alternative to trike

Croftshaw Solvents’ VAPOSOL AMC vapour degreasing solvent operates at low temperature and gives superlative cleaning performance, combining the high solvency of dichloromethane for oils and tars with the ability of acetone to remove organic coatings and ionic contaminant. It is a non flammable formulation which can be used in existing good quality vapour, vapour liquid and ultrasonic tanks, with minor modifications to reduce heating and change control settings.

VAPOSOL AMC is formulated for continuous use with common metals and many plastics. The sophisticated inhibitor package improves stability to minimise flash rusting on mild steel components, and corrosion of equipment. Extended usage is guaranteed by a unique additive developed to suspend contaminants in the solvent sump reducing soiling of heating surfaces.

VAPOSOL AMC is designed specifically for vapour degreasing. It operates at only 42C, less than half the temperature required with Trichloroethylene. The lower operating temperatures make the working environment less stressful for the operator, and due to the lower thermal turbulence, there is much less smell.

Cleaning at low temperature allows precision cleaning of temperature sensitive parts. Dimensional changes are minimal which allows immediate quality control testing or assembly of machined parts. Cleaned components are dry and comfortable to handle immediately. They are also at the ideal temperature for powder coating or painting.

Cleaning cycles using VAPOSOL AMC are halved when compared to Trichloroethylene, which allows production to be doubled using the same equipment. In addition, there’s less waiting time for the vapour degreaser to be heated ready for use.

In addition, VAPOSOL AMC reduces heating costs by 50%, reduces solvent losses by at least 30% (due to the reduced thermal turbulence at the vapour air interface), reduces dragout losses on parts by 15% (due to the lower specific gravity), reduces machine down time and labour costs, by extending periods between sump cleanouts, and reduces disposal costs.

All the constituents of VAPOSOL AMC are environmentally friendly. The formulation has zero global warming potential, zero ozone depletion potential, does not produce ozone at ground level and is bio-degradable. VAPOSOL AMC offers a realistic alternative which addresses many of the problems faced by the engineering industries in meeting environmental protection legislation.

The elimination of VOCs are a high priority of the European Union to improve air quality. Use of VAPOSOL AMC in vapour degreasing tanks can reduce emissions compared to Trichloroethylene by at 30%.

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