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Methylene Chloride or Dichloromethane Supplies

Supplied as:
Virgin or reclaimed methylene chloride can be supplied as required depending on application and customer preference.

Container sizes:
Methylene chloride can be supplied in 5 litre, 25 litre, 205 litre, IBC and bulk discharge amounts. Many of these sizes are sold on a returnable container basis.

For further information, current prices and availability please call us on 0116 278 5373 or email us.

Uses of Dichloromethane:
Dichloromethane, or methylene chloride as it is more commonly known, has many uses in a diverse range of industries.

Most commonly it is used in paint remover formulations and solvent degreasing agents. In paint removers its use is now only employed in industrial applications both dip and gel application where good environmental control can be guaranteed.

Methylene chloride based formulations have become very popular in industrial degreasing applications following the strict restriction imposed on trichloroethylene. It has become the most economic replacement for trike in vapour degreasers.

Dichloromethane is used as a solubiliser for resin materials. It is also used as the solvent in some adhesives especially some quick drying contact adhesives where its high volatility has been found to be very useful.

Methylene chloride is used in several plastic welding applications as it will soften many polymers and allow them to be bonded together.

In the polyurethane industry methylene chloride is used as a blowing agent for polyurethane foams and it is also widely used as the cleaning solvent for polyurethane handling equipment.

In the food industry dichloromethane is used in the decaffeination of coffee and tea. It is also used as a process solvent in drug manufacturing operations.

Other applications for methylene chloride, this most versatile solvent, include bitumen testing in asphalt and as an aerosol propellant.

For full product information, current prices and availability, please call us on 0116 278 5373
or email enquiries@stowlin.com
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