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Mykal Aquasolv Ultrasonic cleaner (Aqua 20)

Aquasolv Aqua 20 Ultrasonic Cleaner boosts the performance of ultrasonic cleaning systems to remove dirt, dust, oil and grease from a variety of materials. Supplied in highly-concentrated form, it is diluted to just 2-5% concentration before application, making this a very economical product. It is suitable for use in the ultrasonic cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics and rubber, glass and ceramics, and mixed material components.

Aquasolv Aqua 20 can be used in single-or multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning processes in maintenance and overhaul operations, and for interstage cleaning during assembly of products.

Ultrasonic cleaning is not effective without the addition of a cleaning solution. Aqua 20 is specifically formulated to enhance the cavitation action which loosens and removes contaminants from all surfaces of the component, even in out-of-reach places. Aqua 20 is effective at lower temperatures than many alternative ultrasonic cleaning solutions, with typical application temperatures of 40-70C depending on the degree of contamination.

The product is safe to use, being biodegradable and water-soluble, and having low toxicity. It is supplied as a light brown coloured liquid with no characteristic odour. Aquasolv Aqua 20 ultrasonic cleaner contains no phosphates, silicates, or nitrates and is classified non-hazardous for waste disposal – although as with any chemical product proper disposal procedures must be followed.

The Aquasolv range of aqueous process cleaners from Mykal are highly-concentrated solvent-free solutions for a range of automated cleaning systems including ultrasonic cleaning and spray washing.

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