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Mykal Aquasolv corrosion inhibitor (AQUA VCI)

Aqua VCI corrosion inhibitor

Protect your components from corrosion during transport and storage by using Mykal Aquasolv (Aqua VCI) corrosion inhibitor. This environmentally-friendly product is a substitute for sodium nitrite-based alternatives.

Mykal Aquasolv corrosion inhibitor is added to rinse water for either spray or immersion rinse during cleaning, and provides long term protection against moisture and humidity for ferrous components. Protection may last up to six months, depending on storage conditions, and post-treatment processes such as brazing, bonding, and painting are not affected. The molecular layer of VCI protection is invisible and non-tacky, and does not affect adhesion.

Aquasolv Aqua VCI contains no nitrites or phosphates. It is non-combustible, non-hazardous to the environment, and non bio-accumulating. It is part of the Mykal range of industrial cleaning and degreasing products, manufactured to the highest standards by Mykal Industries.

For best results, dilute Aqua VCI corrosion inhibitor in demineralised water at a concentration of 2-4%. Apply by immersion or spray for 30-60 seconds at a temperature between 50C and 60C. Take care to ensure that all surfaces are treated. Allow the component to cool to ambient temperature and leave to dry before enclosing in plastic, to prevent condensation which could damage the protective qualities of the VCI layer.

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