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Henkel Bonderite M-FE LS-1 (was Bonderite LS-1)

Bonderite M-FE LS-1 removes laser scale and creates a new conversion coating on steel and other ferrous surfaces. It attacks light corrosion and weld scale while inhibiting rusting and providing a non-metallic surface which increases the adhesion and durability of paint.

A major advantage of Bonderite M-FE LS-1 is the shortened process which does not involve the traditional but hazardous acid pickle step. The product can be applied by spray or immersion and, when used in conjunction with a selected Bonderite post treatment product, will improve paint adhesion and enable accelerated performance testing.

Spray application of Bonderite M-FE LS-1 takes just 30 seconds to three minutes, while immersion is a 1-5 minute operation, both at a temperature of 50-70C. The process involves an initial alkali clean and water rinse, followed by treating with Bonderite M-FE LS-1, water rinsing, the application of Bonderite M-PT 54 NC fianl rinse, optional final rinse and drying. Bonderite M-FE LS-1 is diluted at 5-15 litres per 100 litres of working solution.

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