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Henkel Bonderite M-CR ALCRM 1000 Aero (was Alocrom 1000)

Henkel products from Stowline Croftshaw
Henkel Bonderite M-CR ALCRM1000 Aero is a specialist protective chemical coating for aluminium, available in either brush-on or dip versions. It does not significantly change the appearance of aluminium or aluminium alloy, and forms an excellent base for a clear lacquer where a non-discoloured corrosion-resistant surface is required.

Bonderite M-CR ALCRM1000 Aero Brush can be applied with any ordinary hand equipment, such as a brush, swab, or sponge. It is also suitable for low-pressure spray application. As with any surface treatment, thorough pre-cleaning is a pre-requisite. We recommend Bonderite C-IC 624 MOD followed by rinsing although, if no corrosion products are present, thorough wiping with a clean volatile solvent may be satisfactory.

For Bonderite M-CR ALCRM1000 Aero Dip, all grease should be removed by solvent cleaning or by use of an alkali cleaner such as Bonderite C-AK 4215 NC-LT. Most aluminium castings and heat-treated alloys develop an oxide skin which will inhibit Alocrom 1000, and best results will be obtained if this is removed – using Bonderite C-IC 104 degreaser/deoxidizer, or an alkaline cleaner and separate deoxidizer.

With both brush and dip applications, the basis is to apply the Bonderite M-CR ALCRM1000 Aero to the surface of the component for the longest time before a visible coating is formed. Brush coating will produce a noticeable golden colour within one to three minutes, depending on conditions. Dip coating produces a similar golden brown coating within about one to four minutes. In either case the optimum effect will be obtained just before the invisible coating becomes visible, and so a trial application is recommended.

Once the optimum timing is established and the treatment applied, dipped components should be drained and then immersed briefly in warm water (50-70C for about 30 seconds), while brushed components should be flushed with clean water taking care not to damage the surface. Air drying at ambient or raised temperature, or careful wiping dry, completes the process.

Alocrom was the trade name previously used for these products in the UK. In other countries they may have been marketed under the Alodine trade name. Alocrom and Alodine products are chemically identical These are now named Bonderite M-CR ALCRM products.

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