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Henkel Bonderite C-AK 11010 (was P3-Saxin)

Henkel’s Bonderite C-AK 11010 is a highly effective general purpose hot spray cleaner for heavily-soiled metals of all types, including aluminium, zinc, and alloys. A silicate-buffered alkaline compound containing polymeric phosphates, it offers good water softening properties and effectively reduces the surface tension of water.

It has excellent emulsifying properties and is useful for the removal of old oil and road deposits from engine and gearbox parts before stripping and reconditioning. It is also effective at cleaning process deposits such as lapping pastes, cutting oils, and pressing oils.

Bonderite C-AK 11010 is an economical choice, being diluted to just 0.3-3.0% concentration, and is suitable for use on almost all metals including copper, zinc, tin, and aluminium: it can therefore be used to clean multiple different components in the same machine. It contains no free caustic alkali and gives excellent results on polished, ground, or honed surfaces. Mirror-finish aluminium should be treated with lower concentrations of Bonderite C-AK 11010, not over 1%, to avoid any slight dulling of the surface. Contact time is low, generally just 45 seconds to five minutes.

The product is supplied in powder form and is cold water soluble, typically applied by a hot spray process at 60-80C. In spray or steam cleaning machines a minimum temperature of 50C is recommended to avoid excessive foaming.

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