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Novel pre-treatment gives enhanced adhesion and corrosion resistance

Originally developed as a dried in place pre-treatment for use in steel mills on zinc coated steel Bonderite 1455 has recently found many other potential uses. The coating produced is a polymer sealed pre-treatment which gives paint coatings significantly enhanced adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Bonderite 1455 can be used on mild steel, zinc coated steel and aluminium substrates with good coatings produced on all of these substrates. It can be made up in tap water; there is no need for deionised water.

In addition, Bonderite 1455 is much safer to use than traditional chrome containing treatments previously used in these areas.

Product Benefits:
1. Multi-metal treatment capability.

2. Generally no requirement for demineralised water. Will run in tap water.

3. Non toxic chemistry, no proscribed heavy metals.

4. Ambient temperature operation, savings in energy.

5. Simple effluent treatment.

6. Usable in existing iron phosphate plants without extensive modification or thorough cleaning out.

7. Simple make up of baths.

8. Simple control methods.

9. Significant coating adhesion improvement compared with clean only processes.

10. Significant increase in bond strength when used on metallic components that are bonded together with adhesive.

11. Very little or no rinse processes leading to reduced effluent.

12. Compatible with most types of paint finish.

13. Ideal repair system product.

14. Low sludge, reduced waste.

15. No concerns with “End of Life Regulations”.

16. No issues with regard to WEEE.

17. No issues with regard to VEL.

Types of Application:
1. As a final rinse additive on iron phosphate plants in place of chrome or other inhibiting final rinse additives. Added to the final rinse water on 3 or 4 stage iron phosphate plants at a concentration of 0.5% it will significantly increase the corrosion resistance of the final paint scheme.

2. As the main treatment in a 4 or 5 stage pre-treatment plant where alkali cleaning is the first process step. In this case the treatment stage is made up at 1-3% concentration depending on the major substrate to be processed.

3. As a manual application pre-treatment for larger components and structures. In this case the surfaces to be treated must be clean and grease free prior to application. The Bonderite 1455 solution can be applied to either freshly shot blasted or degreased, scale free surfaces by simple swabbing, spraying or roller application at between 1-3% concentrations with no subsequent rinsing. No effluent produced. This method is currently being used by two major earth remover equipment companies.

4. Can be used as a cleaner coater in a similar way to iron phosphate cleaner coaters.

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