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Henkel’s new Multan range of cutting fluids now available from Stowlin Croftshaw

Stowlin Croftshaw are pleased to announce that they are now able to offer the new range of innovative cutting fluids from the Henkel Multan range of products.

The two main products are Multan 71-2 and Multan 77-4. With these two products multi function machine shops will be able to process over 90% of all operations encountered. This should significantly reduce the number of products needed on the shop floor.

These products are significantly different from traditional cutting fluids in the following ways:

• They contain much less oil (only around 25%) than normal products making them less hazardous to dispose of when spent.

• They are more lubricative than traditional products due to a much finer and more stable emulsion structure. This gives better tool life and improved finish on parts.

• These products contain no bactericides; they are not required as there are no suitable nutrients that allow microbes to grow.

• As the products were developed from a neutral cleaner base they have very good corrosion inhibition characteristics.

Multan 71-2 and Multan 77-4 are very economical in use as the initial make up concentration is less than with traditional products and the top up concentration is also much lower.

• These products have good run off properties as they do not wet surfaces well; this also helps with economy in use.

• Tested and proven excellent skin compatibility.

What overall benefits can users expect?
• Greater tool life reducing tooling costs.
• Better economy in use.
• Better component finish leading to savings in re-machining.
• No nasty smells from bacteria infestations.
• No hazards to health due to bacterial infestations.
• No requirement for bactericide additions or stock holding.
• Less frequency of disposal of spent coolant reducing downtime and disposal costs.

For full product information, current prices and availability please call us on 0116 278 5373 or email.

Stowlin Croftshaw is a major supplier of commodity and industrial chemicals and solvents and is a licensed waste removal contractor; for more information please click here.

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